Queer Stealthcraft

This intensive can be customized and offered to your communities. 

Stealth-craft refers to means of blending in to your surroundings, going unnoticed, and collecting strategic information about your environment. A diverse set of skills can fall under this umbrella, such as camouflage, concealment, stealth, evasion, and tracking/counter-tracking. The role of the 'scout' is one that has been essential to the resilience and thriving of many land-based peoples, from the shepherds of the Mediterranean and Middle East to the Apache scouts whose tactics were appropriated by the U.S. military. These skills may be commonly associated with military and hunting cultures and so may feel inaccessible to womxn and queer people. However, such skills don't have to be about being an aggressor or predator, but rather can derive from truly knowing how to belong and also from the quiet power of the witness. These skills can be practiced in order to reduce your impact in natural settings which will help you become a better naturalist and become more aware of your non-human kin. They can also be practiced in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in times of threat or danger, or simply to feel more grounded and resourced wherever you are.

As queer folks engaging in this craft, we have many reasons for already being used to ‘taking a step back’ and assessing our prospective safety, resources, and threats when we enter social and public spaces. This disposition to hyperawareness of our social and political environment can be beautifully leveraged in the arts and sciences of scouting. In this immersion, our intention is to facilitate inquiry into these skills in a compassionate, inclusive, culturally humble, oftentimes silly, and empowering manner in a secluded natural setting.

  • Understanding of how to move quietly and reduce your energetic impact

  • Basics of camouflage and concealment

  • Foundations of nervous system regulation through a trauma/resilience-informed lens

  • Strengthening intuition and situational awareness

  • How to utilize these skills in service to deeper nature connection and co-liberation

  • Awareness practices and games