Partners and collaborators

At Queer Nature, we are influenced by emergent design and ecological systems. We recognize that we as community projects and organizations are stronger when we uplift each other in an ecology of liberation. We are humbled to have been able to call these organizations our collaborators, partners and hosts. 

Women's Wilderness

At Boulder Pride 2015 with Women's Wilderness

Currently our grant-funded skill-share series is made possible through our partnership with Women's Wilderness which is a 501 c-3 non-profit based in Boulder, Colorado. Women's Wilderness, which historically has run groundbreaking outdoor programs for women and girls, is committed to expanding their vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion in outdoor ed spaces and we are honored to be working with them on the vanguard of this project! In 2016, WW and Queer Nature received a small grant of $1000 from the Community Foundation's Open Door Fund which allowed us to run 4 skill-shares while only charging $10 per participant. Additional donations through WW on Colorado Gives Day allowed us to add two more workshops to the series while allowing us to keep the registration fees nominal. Recently, we decided to rename this programming through WW the "Queer Wilderness Project," in order to be able to use the name "Queer Nature" for our own organization. These changes will be reflected on WW's promotional material soon. We are truly grateful for this awesome partnership, and thank WW for supporting Queer-only spaces in their programming and promoting the importance of allyship in the outdoor field.

The School of Lost Borders

During the 2015 Queer Quest in Buena Vista, CO.

Pinar and So, two of the Queer Nature team, are trained to facilitate wilderness solo fasts through the School of Lost Borders monthlong guide training. We are also both alumni of the Queer Quest, an LGBTQIA-specific fast run by the School, and will be co-guiding the School's first Queer Youth Quest in June of 2017. Our experiences with this modern day rite of passage, further adapted for queer people by  queer guides at the School, was a huge inspiration for Queer Nature. We felt that in order for many people to have the internal resources to embark on multi-day journeys and experiences in the backcountry, and also to be able to integrate those experiences back into their everyday lives and communities, the missing piece was earth-based community and long term nature mentorship at home. One of our hopes with cultivating nature-based queer culture in our local communities is to impart to others the resources for them to be comfortable pushing their engagement with the natural world to ever deeper and deeper levels.

We send constant thanks to our guides and mentors at the School.