We are honored that you are moved to support this work!

 Currently, Queer Nature struggles to meet the growing interest in our workshops since we are a small enterprise run by two co-owners (no employees at this time) and want to keep our registration fees lower than what is typical in wilderness and earth-based skills education. At this time, your donations would be gratefully and carefully used for the following: 

  • Insurance for future Queer Nature programs in which we are not collaborating with an entity holding existing insurance (insurance for outdoor education programs can be notoriously costly)
  • Help with travel costs so that we are able to teach at the request of folks who may not be able to compensate us for travel. At this point, our desire would be mainly to be able to travel when requested by an LGBTQ2IA+ group, (not to travel simply because funds were available).
  • Subsidize additional courses to keep registration fees low
  • Compensate guest instructors so we can support collaborative leadership in the LGBTQ2IA+ community and offer classes beyond our own expertise.

If we were to receive additional funds beyond the above, they would be put toward the development and implementation of a "Queer Survival Trip," which is a big long-term project we are dreaming into, hopefully for summer 2019 or 2020.

*Please do note that at this time we are an LLC—not a non-profit (although we are considering this for the near future)—and therefore only have access to grant funds when we collaborate with non-profits. We have successfully partnered with Women's Wilderness in Boulder, CO on grants that continue to fund a series of day-long workshops at nominal ($10) cost to participants. Though we are excited to continue such collaborations, we also seek to be able to fund work that will be run solely through the Queer Nature entity. Because we are not a non-profit (at least yet!), donations to us would not be tax deductible at this time. Donating to Women's Wilderness and designating the funds to be used for Queer Wilderness Project is also an option to support us and have your donation be tax-deductible, though know that this will support only that particular partnership and project! :) Mainly, we have put this page up because we continue to get requests of how people can directly support the Queer Nature entity. 

Thanks for visioning with us!



We also have started a Patreon account for Queer Nature.