Custom, by-request, and contracted courses and workshops.

If you get a group of interested people together, you can request a custom course. At this time we are not able to fund custom courses through our limited grant money, so they will be noticeably more expensive than the skill-share series. We can also make arrangements to do courses for even smaller groups or couples, just inquire and we’ll talk about it! We also can be hired by other organizations who would like to host a Queer Nature course in their area.

Note that the core Queer Nature team has particular strengths in certain areas of naturalist, ancestral, or survival skills:

  • Wildlife Tracking and Trailing

  • Friction Fire-Making Methods and Fire as a Tool

  • Coiled Basketry and Natural Cordage

  • Short-term or Emergency Survival Skills (including shelter and snow shelter building)

  • Nature-based and Self-generated Ceremony

  • Bird Language (Bird Behavior & Interspecies Communication)

  • Scouting (Camouflage, Stealth, Evasion, and Situational Awareness in the outdoors)

Please note that if you are local to the Boulder/Denver area, virtually all of these courses have to be held in locations decided by us for safety and privacy reasons and also because we can teach you more and better in location we are familiar with. The only exception to this is nature-based/self generated ceremony. Thank you for understanding.

In Collaboration with our community members, we can also coordinate workshops on:

  • Botany and Herbal Medicine

  • Hide Tanning

  • Animal Processing

  • Various aspects of Hunting in a sacred manner

I.E. We were hosted for a weekend-long LGBTQ2+ course at Wilderness Awareness School in Seattle.