Photo credit:  Megan Newton Photography

Custom Course Request

Thank you for expressing interest in a custom course with us! We need a few things to be able to see if it would be a good fit. For local day-long events, we usually schedule our a month or two in advance. For workshops we would have to travel to, we need 6-10 months notice to schedule depending on the length of the program, location and when in the season. A part of who we are is having a high student-to-mentor ratio and our max participants tend to be 8-12 people and this is dependent on the skill we are teaching.

Please, email us with this information. 

  1. Intention; why you chose us, your overall vision and how it aligns with our mission (this could simply be that you want to support the project)
  2. Geographical location
  3. Venue ideas (if not local)
  4. Potential dates (and flexibility with dates)
  5. Ability to compensate for travel expenses (e.g. gas, airfare, lodging, etc.)
  6. If there are any potential limitations for compensation and your plan to fundraise and/or apply for grants
  7. A range of the number of participants 
  8. Agreeing that you will be responsible to advertise and fill your custom course

We hope our schedules work out! We have had nothing but beautiful experiences with our custom courses and are excited that you reached out to us.