Currently, Pınar offers consultations online and in-person for organizations, individuals and groups. A member of Inclusive Community Consulting, they have worked with nature-based organizations, rites of passage organizations as well as universities and retreat centers around diversity, inclusivity and equity. Please, contact us for rates and services. 


"Working with Pınar really helped me understand and move through some of the concerns I was having about the best approach to take with a writing project. They created a comfortable and supportive space to address issues including decolonization, privilege, and intersectionality in a way that thoughtfully encouraged me to dig deeper into my own relationship with these subjects as part of my writing process. This new way of thinking helped me move forward, and brought new depth to my own personal life as well as opening up potential avenues for continuing the writing project. I highly recommend that anyone seeking to come into right relationship with their history, their social position, and their privilege spend some time talking with Pınar." 

- Tao Orion, author of Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration